Prof. Dr. Yousry S. Elgamal, D.Sc.

Professor of Computer Engineering, senior consultant at The Arab Academy for Science and Technology,
and Chairman of The Computer Scientific Society (CSS), Alexandria-Egypt.

Keynote Title: Impact of Generative AI On Education and Scientific Research

Abstract and bio

Prof. Dr. Hirozumi Yamaguchi

A full professor at Osaka University, Japan, and leads the Mobile Computing Laboratory.

Keynote Title: Human Dynamics, Approaches in Sensing, Modeling, and Smart City Integration

Abstract and bio

Dr. Hani Elgebaly

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AvidBeam Technologies Inc.,

Keynote Title: Smart City Vision, What to Expect

Abstract and bio

Dr. Ahmed N. Tantawy

Senior Technology and Strategy Advisor

Keynote Title: The AI Revolution and the Role of Academia

Abstract and bio